​​​​​​​​Come Into My Kitchen - August 16, 2016
Parkville potter Tricia Szasz spins many plates: gardener, cook, artist.

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KCTV5 Better Better KC - "Egg"tastic Segment June 2015

No ordinary eggs in this Tricia Szasz segment! Eggs in a Bag, Baked Boiled Eggs, simple egg seperator, & a few internet info flops!

KCTV5 Better KC - Cheesecake Dippers Segment Oct. 2015

Tricia has a fabulous recipe for Caramel Apple Cheesecake Dippers that will keep all the kiddos, & grown ups, in your house super happy this Holiday Season!

KCTV5 Better KC - Pizza with a Twist Segments July 2015

Tricia Szasz shares three fabulous pizza twists: Zucchini Pizza, Triscuit Pizza Bites, & the Mack Daddy (Rob's fav) Rocky Road Pizza!

KCTV5 Better KC - Christmas Segment Dec. 2015

Tricia Szasz will walk you through a simple Peppermint Red Velvet Cake Cookie & some wonderful handmade Christmas gift ideas (silk scarves & paper bead jewelry).

Northland Lifestyle Magazine Feature March 2016

The magazine's art issue features Parkville Artisans' Studio, including a fabulous article describing the wonderfulness that is our "Tribe"! Click to view article & photos.

Our studio/gallery & owner Tricia Szasz are making news in the KC area! Take a wander through Better KC Morning Show appearances, Nortland Lifestyle Magazine Feature, our KC Star articles, even President Obama's visit to our gallery!

KCTV5 Better KC - Tailgate Treats Segments Sept. 2015

Tricia Szasz presents Beer/Brat Mac-n-Cheese &, game stopper, Buffalo Chicken Dip at Arrowhead Stadium for Red Thursday!

KCTV5 Better KC - PB&J French Toast Segment March 2016

Try a new twist on the old favorite. Tricia Szasz' PB&J French Toast with Balsamic Vinegar Glace Syrup. Yum!

KCTV5 Better KC - Halloween Segment Oct. 2015

In this segment Tricia Szasz will wow you with amazing Halloween Treats (Caramel Stuffed Apples & Jello Worms) & share some out of the box pumpkin decorating ideas! 

KCTV5 Better Destinations Segment Dec. 2014

Courtney visits Parkville for her Better Destinations segment of Better KC! Inviting Kansas City to join one of our handmade gift classes!

Park Hill School District Artist Spotlight Jan. 2015

Parkville Artisans' Studio instructor Tricia Szasz as featured artist. A special thanks to all of my fabulous supporters in the Park Hill School District & their super amazing students!

Obama Visits Historic Downtown Parkville

September 2014 brought our President to the Kansas City area for a speach at the Uptown Theater. En route to the airport, Obama made a pit stop in Parkville for a coffee & stroll through our town! His unplanned visit to our studio/gallery was the experience of a lifetime.

Parkville Artisans' Studio Takes Prize For Christmas Display

Parkville is always a special Holiday day trip, but this year the local shops compete to produce a spectacular Christmas display - themed "Wiinter Wonderland". Parkville Artisans' Studio wins 1st place for their "Welcome to Whoville" Christmas decorations.

Kansas City Star Nov. 2014

In a special edition of the KC Star, Light Up The Season, Parkville Artisans' Studio is featured in an article about the Tour of Homes organized by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. The studio was chosen to design & create the annual Christmas ornament for the fundraiser.

PASSAGE in the news!


KCTV5 Better KC - Art Box Segment March 2015

Tricia Szasz demonstrates our Art Box projects: Floam & a Dandelion Paperweight.

KCTV5 Better KC - Crafts Segment Feb. 2016

In this segment Tricia Szasz will bring you some great crafty ideas for young & old! Melted Crayon Paintings & Nail Polish Flowers.

KCTV5 Better KC - Wine Cake Segment Nov. 2015

Looking for a Holiday dessert that will knock their socks off? Try Tricia Szasz'

Dark Chocolate Wine Soaked Spice Cake. Yes, Wine Soaked! 

Discovering Platte County with Dagmar - April 2016

Features Tricia Szasz & Parkville Artisans' Studio in their very first episode. Learn a little about Dagmar, our Studio & maybe about yourself . . .


Platte County