Family Life: ​From children to

               spouses to mother-in-laws,

               Tricia will put a spin on family life that will have your crowd rolling in the aisles with laughter & tears. Looking for family unity? Maybe support for parents of teenagers or a way to better handle your spouse's most annoying habits? Tricia's experiences in marriage, mothering & caregiving will lead you to a new understanding of the word family.

​                 .................................

​    "There is a danger in viewing love as

         an adjective. When I have feelings

        for someone, whether they be

       feelings of respect or affection, or

       even dislike, I choose to commit

                     the act of loving them.

          I choose to treat love as a verb."

Tricia Szasz: Architect, Entrepreneur, TV Personality, Life Coach, Writer & Artist

                                       ​​Born in the northern wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the grandeur of Lake

                                       Superior has been a guiding force throughout her life. The youngest of five siblings, Tricia

                                       came along at a time when her family was beginning to disintegrate &, thus, grew up,

                                       primarily, as an only child . . . no, better phrased as a feral child. Around age 7, Tricia was

                                       essentially left to raise herself, & by the tender age of 15 she had hit rock bottom; living with

                                       her 24 year old, abusive boyfriend, her days steeped in parties, dealing drugs, assault charges

                                       hanging over her head for a stabbing attack against a teacher . . . but in the bright dawn of a

                                       new day, there came light.

                                       Beyond the strength of a floundering teenager, came the force to change her path. Tricia

                                       went clean, & after a lifetime of barely attending school, she went on to speak at her high school graduation & completed her Architectural degree at Northern Michigan University. All while working construction during the day & waitressing/bartending in the evenings to support herself. She then moved to the Lansing, Michigan area where she managed two, multi-million dollar, manufactured/modular housing dealerships & obtained her builder's license to open the first of her many businesses, Trowbridge Construction.

During this time in her life, Tricia was responsible for presenting motivational seminars for her own staff, as well as for other organizations & companies associated with her business. She later started her own insurance agency & became a real estate agent as well. At her peak she was processing the financing, providing the land, site construction, modular/manufactured home & insurance for over 180 homes per year. Thus achieving the goal set on that bright dawning day at age 15, a net worth reaching over the million mark. Oh, but did I mention she did all of this by the age of 26?

​At 27 she married & became the step-mother of two & four year old boys, & in 1999, after many tried & failed attempts, she gave birth to her son Jack. A miracle life, it would seem . . . but by 2006 things had changed. The bottom fell out of the housing market, her husband had been diagnosed with severe depression & bi-polar disorder, wreaking havoc on the family for years before taking his own life. Tricia was, once again, left to fend for herself. Her husband's family blamed her for his death & fought her at every turn, which included the loss of affection from her two step-sons, now in their teens.

Tenaciously, Tricia pulled up her bootstraps, sold what was left of the businesses, took her savings & moved on to a new life in Kansas City, Missouri. Living the retired life, Tricia spent the next few years learning to live with PTSD & walking her young son through the stages of grief & loss. She married again, to a long-time friend, who then adopted her son & they continued together on the long road to recovery.

Oddly enough, it was becoming a caregiver for her eldest brother, Daniel, that brought her vigor bubbling to the surface. In 2013 Daniel moved into Tricia's home for the last year of his life. "There is no greater honor I've experienced than caring for my brother & giving him peace during his walk through heaven's door," says Szasz.

After Daniel's passing, Tricia once again, finally, felt the need to live loud. In 2014 she opened Parkville Artisans' Studio & Gallery, where her intent is to provide an outlet for local artists & fan the flames of creativity for all who enter. Tricia has also begun her career as a TV personality on KCTV5's Better KC Morning Show & launched herself into motivational speaking, drawing on her diverse life experiences to captivate, entertain & inspire her audiences to new heights.

​                          "I refuse to lessen myself to please others. I've earned this right. So with this in mind,

                              I am not afraid to state this in a way that might be offensive to some:

Stop sitting around waiting to see what will happen to you next!

                                                You've got this one life, grab it by the balls & do something with it.


Tricia Szasz

An innovative thinker with unique views on some of today's most perplexing issues.

Tricia's architectural mind mechanically breaks down the most complex problem, her bold personality puts a spin on it that will empower you & the artist in her paints the issue in a whole

new light.

A champion of survival & triumph, Tricia will bring you on a journey you won't soon forget.

Discovering Platte County - April 2016
Features Tricia Szasz & Parkville Artisans' Studio in their very first episode. Learn a little about Platte County, our Studio & maybe about yourself . . .

Some of Tricia's Most Recent Adventures

               Living Loud: ​Prepare to be

               motivated. A topic Tricia can

               tailor to your needs. Is your group in need of some fire? Simply want to bring a bit of brilliance into your luncheon or are you specifically looking to motivate your sales team? Tricia has 5 years of life coaching & 15 years of sales experience to turn this presentation into bottom line results for your company, your fundraiser or your life.

​                 .................................

​    "You bring no glory to your divine

         self by shrinking to please others.

         You will always be too much of 

         something for someone:

         to hard, too loud, too soft, too edgy.

         Make amends for unintentionally

         hurting someone, profusely,

   but never apologize for who you are."

Architect, Entrepreneur, TV Personality, Life Coach, Writer & Artist

Better KC Morning Show Segments
Tricia regularly appears on KCTV5's morning show. This is a fun segment on DIY craft projects.

Northland Lifestyle Magazine Feature

The magazine's art issue features Parkville Artisans' Studio, including a fabulous article describing the wonderfulness that is our "Tribe"!

Click image to view article & photos.

                 The Entrepreneurial Spirit:

​                 ​Small business owners, real estate agents,

                 cubical dwellers dreaming of more, great ideas waiting to be borne . . . Tricia has owned her own business, in one form or another, for more than 20 years. A millionaire by age 26, she retired, for the first time, at age 36 & will share with you the joys & terrors of starting, building & running your own business.


 "You want to work for yourself you say? Be prepared to be

the toughest boss you've ever had! "

                 Artistic Expression:  ​Whether you're an

                artist or not, this presentation will set free

                your creative beast & possibly change the way you see the light within you. A tremendous team building exercise or even a great way to lighten up your next convention. Everyone deserves a canvas to play on & through music, focus & a little guidance, Tricia will lighten your spirit & bring a joyous experience to life.


      "Everyone enjoys art, in one form or another. What I want to do is breathe the breath of creativity into your soul! "

                 PTSD - Recovery:  ​Posttraumatic Stress

                 Disorder isn't just for the military.

                 Approximately 70% of adults in the US have been through some kind of traumatic event in their lives & 20% of these people will go on to experience a form of PTSD. Tricia, after years of suffering & searching for answers, through a half dozen therapists, diagnosing her with everything from repressed childhood abuse to hyper anxiety, finally identified that she was suffering from PTSD. This, followed by 10 years of recovery, gives her personal experience with this issue.


      "What most people don't know is that

           PTSD is not something that happens to

           the weak. It comes to be, simply because

          that person has been strong enough to

          endure a situation that would have sent

                  the faint of heart running for the hills! "


Booking Contact: The Moxie Agency (816)283-8464

BOOKINGS CONTACT:    The Moxie Agency     (816)283-8464     1925 Central St #206a, Kansas City, MO 64108

Mama Szasz Is Cookin' Now!

Tricia is an artist of many mediums & her cooking blog will

delight ALL of your

senses! Click image to view blog

"The physics of the universe dictate that it is

nearly impossible for you

to exist, yet you do.

Each day, what do you intend for the miracle that is you?"


                 Living Christian in Today's World:

​                 ​Religion, faith, belief, truth, love . . . all

                 complex issues in the quagmire that is the current state of world affairs, the media & our own lives. Where do Christians fit into it all? Tricia's life experience & journey of faith will bring your spirit to life. Connection to God is a tough topic, but she will walk fearlessly through the pedantic path of the Christian life in today's world.


          "Faith is knowing, when you come to the edge of all the light you have ever known & are about to step off into the darkness,

God will provide one of two things;

. . . He will make sure there is something to stand on

. . . or He will teach you to fly! "